76: State Your Deal, Not Dog

At long last we pack up Shadow again, and hit the road. From Death Valley, to Lake Mead, Phoenix and back again, it feels mostly the same to be on the road again, but this time with a bonus doggo! With Taco all grown up, some changes have had to be made. We talk not dogs, being an indoor kid, talking to robots and our various opinions about driving your overlanding vehicle at night in our all new Let’s Not Panic.


75: God of Vomits

OoooH we love it when you have sick stories, they say, give us more poop stories they say. First of all, how dare you, and secondly FINE. We talk Ireland, including some beautiful cliffs, great food, and also like, the sickest Maggie has ever been in her whole life.


74: Dog Bird

We’re meat-bagging it up, with a stay at a foofy Scottish resort that fully looks like Downton Abbey, and some time by the Lochs and in Oban. Adam is pretty high on golf— will it be enough for him to actually use his clubs at home? PROBABLY NOT. Maggie eats her body weight in seafood. We make friends with a Harris Hawk.


73: Copilot Randomizer

Jet lag is real, and so is this new episode. Don't worry, Taco is safe and sound in Berkeley, but Maggie and Adam are in Scotland! Also, likely safe and sound. One must assume. We talk delicious foods, aimless wandering, excellent museums and also Maggie's NEAR PERFECT copiloting skills. 


72: State of Stabbyness

We're baaaaaaaack! And it's been a hot minute. We talk about our most recent adventure, crimes against Shadow, and our dog the best dog in the world. Shadow faces her strangest injury. Adam doesn't understand Palm Springs. Taco finds a tortoise!

Shadow is injured

71: Organic Beast of Chaos

MEXICO HERE WE COME! Some technical difficulties leave us stranded in San Diego for a hot second. We may or may not get scammed at the border. Spoiler: we don't make it to Mulegé. But we DO have some Baja love to share. Adam does some minimall field repair. Maggie battles a hat trick of discomforts. We confirm that Trip Advisor is bullshit.

shadow_anza_borego copy.jpg

70: Taco of the Open Road

On the road again! And on the mic. Thanks for your patience with our VERY long hiatus-- but we're back on our bullshit, and back to our heritage: recording podcasts in strange and new locations, and talking about poop. We talk traveling with a puppy, Yosemite, and some prowling coyotes. Maggie deals with Taco on a particularly bad day. Alone. Adam has a run in with some fiber gummies. 

Shadow at Sunset

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69: Good Boys Wiggle, Too

STOP EVERYTHING: TACO IS HERE. Adam and Maggie's puppy comes home, and *spoiler alert* he's a perfect angel baby and the world's greatest mammal. We talk life changes brought on by a  puppy, Adam's new requirements for Shadow and Maggie's need for your ghost stories. Seriously. Tell me your ghost stories. 


68: Maggie Signs Book Deals

Adam and Maggie get new van inspo from a San Francisco couple generous enough to show us around theirs. Maggie signs a couple of book deals. Adam's love of bacon finds new purchase in soup. The puppy countdown is less than a week!


Show Notes

67: Puppy Aptitude

We're undeniably settled now, with an apartment that is mostly furnished, and a doggo on the way! Puppies are met, and puppy prep books are read. Adam takes the term "throw pillows" a little too literally. Maggie dives in to NaNoWriMo. 


Show Notes

66: Because We Were Dirtballs

A full month of normal life has passed by in the blink of an eye, and Maggie and Adam struggle to describe it. Mad Sweeney is forcibly ejected from the Let's Not Panic fleet. Adam finds a new van candidate with some strong features. Maggie gets malaise-y. We introduce Radagast the Green.


Show Notes

65: Adam Needs a Nappy Time

Maggie and Adam are settled in enough to throw a housewarming party, which Adam could really do without. We talk going off the beaten path, the differences between a Sprinter and a Ford Econoline van and a super cool pair of listeners embarking on their OWN adventure now. Maggie indulges in some stupid lady-treatments. Adam gets to know Mad Sweeney.


Show Notes

64: Preponderance of Pillows

Season 2 is officially here! And we've changed it up to celebrate. Welcome to the new segments: The Build, Maggie's Writing Nook and the 3 D's. Maggie and Adam sit shiva for Maggie's late grandfather, Monty. Maggie gets excited for puppies of an auspicious litter.  We introduce Mad Sweeney to our fleet. There is a pillow conflict.

IMG_6267 2.JPG

Show Notes

63: Season Finale.

For real and for actually this time. Adam and Maggie talk end of trip thoughts, do a round of the year's B's and lay out the cards for what's to come. Maggie is still salty at one Directora Gomez of Santa Marta. Adam forgets to press record. 



Show Notes

62: Listener Q&A

We field a wide array of questions from YOU guys! We talk perioding in nature, our favorite places, the places to which we'll NEVER RETURN and talk very briefly in Spanish. Fun fact: You can also WATCH us record this episode on our YouTube channel, complete with bloopers and dirty looks.


61: Least Gross Fluids

Adam and Maggie are getting settled in a whole new life... which doesn't feel that new? We talk change as a norm, FAQs after finishing our trip AND our brand new Let's Not Panic stickers! Be sure to send in all your questions about the end of our trip to www.letsnotpanic.com/contact or via Instagram so we can talk all about them next episode.


Show Notes

60: Maggie's Self Destruction Palace

Shadow, Maggie and Adam share a total eclipse of the heart, which they left in San Francisco. We talk Solar Fest, ham radios, and the end of our apartment hunt. Adam makes meat pals with an actor. Maggie gets stuck in an elevator.


Show Notes

59: 0 Bedrooms, 3 Hallways

Shadow has made her triumphant return to San Francisco! Maggie and Adam talk wild camping in Tahoe, delayed emotional reactions, and the perils of coming-home excess. Adam's job interviews are grueling. Maggie visits an apartment that's pretty much in a Mexican restaurant. 


Show Notes

58: Adam's Losing It

And by "It" we mean his stuff. Adam and Maggie are headed down the West Coast, and things are starting to look a lot like home. We talk Adam's newfound habits, Maggie's fondness for playing search and rescue with 3 year olds, and always and forever the importance of fine snacks. Adam thinks about defensible safe spots for potential apocalypse scenarios. Maggie gets writing.


57: Home Stretch

Adam and Maggie are on the home stretch, with a stay in Seattle and now in Vancouver, BC. We deep dive into what wild camping actually means. We're starting to panic as the necessity of assembling a normal life looms large on the horizon. Maggie loves dogs even if they don't love her back. Adam may or may not look a bit like Edgar Allen Poe. 

Twinsies? Probably. 

Twinsies? Probably. 


Show Notes