We're Adam and Maggie. We quit our jobs, terminated our lease, and are driving from San Francisco to the tip of South America.


This is us when we are not panicking, because we're at a wedding and have recently showered. 


The thing about the phrase "Let's not panic," is that when you say it to someone else, you're also saying it to yourself.


Let's not panic.


Adam is an iOS programmer, and a perennial mustache wearer. He's the maker behind TapCoding and TapTyping, and many of Maggie's exasperated sighs. He's the equipment and planning junkie of this trip, and the only reason we're going to live through it. You can learn more about his work at www.adamawolf.com or follow him on Twitter @adamawolf


Maggie is a writer, and a constant procrastinator. She's the author of Also an Octopus, and various short stories for grownups that make her grandparents uncomfortable. She's the deeply anxious, existentially worried drive behind this trip, which was the root cause of our departure. You can find more of her writing and book news at www.prettyokmaggie.com  or follow her on Twitter @emteehall


Our vehicle is a black 2000 Toyota 4Runner with a Magiolina roof top tent, dual batteries, a refrigerator, power inverter, and a heavy duty kitchen setup. We call her/him Shadow (there's contention in our ranks about Shadow's gender).

Update: as of Episode 23: Stranded at 16k feet, the debate about Shadow's gender has been settled. She's a she.