58: Adam's Losing It

And by "It" we mean his stuff. Adam and Maggie are headed down the West Coast, and things are starting to look a lot like home. We talk Adam's newfound habits, Maggie's fondness for playing search and rescue with 3 year olds, and always and forever the importance of fine snacks. Adam thinks about defensible safe spots for potential apocalypse scenarios. Maggie gets writing.


57: Home Stretch

Adam and Maggie are on the home stretch, with a stay in Seattle and now in Vancouver, BC. We deep dive into what wild camping actually means. We're starting to panic as the necessity of assembling a normal life looms large on the horizon. Maggie loves dogs even if they don't love her back. Adam may or may not look a bit like Edgar Allen Poe. 

Twinsies? Probably. 

Twinsies? Probably. 


Show Notes