14: Project Golden Nethers

Adam and Maggie may be laying low in Cartagena right now, but that doesn't mean anxiety ain't running high. We talk strange fruit, the upfront costs of this trip--from the car to the camping equipment-- a little bit of Crossfit, and a lot about Adam's butt.


A rare photo of Adam with all his clothes on. 


11: Scattering, Smattering, Splattering

Adam is on the Belizian news. Hurricane Earl hits, and everyone's ok, except for that slide at Caribbean Villas. That slide is no more. We discuss anxiety, travel and otherwise, sponges on the beach, and how much chill is required to eat in Caye Caulker. Spoiler: all of it. All the chill. 

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Aftermath of Hurricane Earl on Ambergris Caye


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