55: We Destroy Equipment

Maggie and Adam head into Canada for equal parts family and swarms of bugs. We talk devastating forest fires, questionably illegal camping in the Canadian Rockies and elk (they're jerks, who knew?). Maggie doesn't know what a tricorder is. Adam treats and sees some results from last week's technical corner. Maggie may or may not be accidentally picking up a Canadian accent. More and more of our equipment bites the dust. RIP our stuff. 


Show Notes

54: Shadow Breaks Down

Adam and Maggie make their way west, by way of Chicago, Minneapolis and the Dakotas. Shadow suffers her first breakdown, leaving us stranded on a rural highway in South Dakota. Adam battles a failing fuel pump. Maggie reflects on living bravely. Both of us wonder at the sadness and absurdity of the Wild Bill Bar not serving whiskey.


53: Is San Francisco a Scam?

Maggie and Adam are bouncing back and forth between the USA and Canada, and seriously starting to wonder... is San Francisco a scam? We talk Montreal cathedrals, Ann Arbor book twins and some incredibly persistent bugs. Hardship strikes when we try to give up coffee. Adam eats dog food. Maggie gets patriotic. 


Show Notes

52: Confederate Dinosaurs

Shadow makes her triumphant return, and she's back on the road again! Maggie and Adam are strangers in a strange land in the Deep South. We talk strange tow truck drivers, unwanted hitchhikers and some pretty extreme culture shock. We honor a fallen fellow road warrior with a moment of silence. Adam eats more ribs than is healthy under any circumstances. Maggie finds the ultimate roadside attraction. 


51: Out of Africa

Maggie and Adam make it to some amazing sand dunes, before getting some sad news from home. We talk tough logistics, the madness that is the Addis Ababa airport, and share some stories of a pretty fantastic lady. Adam tears his pants from balls to back. Maggie drops some mad spotted hyena knowledge. 


Show Notes

50: Rhino Farts

Adam and Maggie drive into Namibia, and also (technically, and only for a night) into Botswana. We talk Etosha National Park-- the crown jewel of Namibia's National Parks-- hyena sightings, waking up before dawn and the ubiquitousness of zebras. Adam falls in love with braai culture, Maggie has some thoughts about lion's mating habits. 

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Show Notes

49: Impalas are Sh*t

Team Let's Not Panic is in South Africa! We introduce Mr. Wednesday, the burly Land Cruiser we've rented and compare him with Shadow. After a visit to Kruger National Park, Adam and Maggie have some strong opinions about animals. Adam has a very scientific hierarchy of animals. Maggie introduces a new segment. 

This episode is brought to you by BUSHLORE AFRICA


Show Notes

48: We Ship Shadow

Maggie and Adam struggle with a million feels after putting Shadow into a shipping container headed for Miami. We talk ratings in Argentina, dubious propane shipping practices, and the surprisingly sentimental feelings we've developed for our equipment. Adam takes note of some friendly chauvinism. Maggie tries not to cry in a shipping yard. 


47: The Traveling Corpse

Pals of the show Nick and Rebecca join us for a deeply indulgent week in Buenos Aires. We talk tango, jam boys, Recoleta Cemetery and renewed culture shock. Adam does some light trespassing. Maggie finds an unusual venue for embracing her Jewish heritage. We introduce the Cognitive Biases That Rebecca and Nick are Arguably Unqualified to Explain but Are Going to Explain Anyway Corner. 

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46: It's Bull Testicles

Maggie and Adam are back in a big city, and finding it a bit of a culture shock. We talk promenades, parrillas and poker. Maggie gets shoes made by the world's most awesome family business. Adam lubes the drive shaft, which isn't a euphemism, apparently. 

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Show Notes

45: We Crash Into a Swamp

Adam and Maggie find the Argentinian countryside hospitable, right up until it isn't. We talk about the essential difference between 12 and 15mph on a muddy road, the perils of mosquito passengers, and what recovery gear is necessary for extracting oneself from the steep bank of a swamp. Adam punches himself in the groin. Maggie almost makes friends with a skunk. 

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44: Thirty Six Degrees of Latitude Later

Maggie and Adam have left Chile! For real this time. As we start our time in Argentina, we reflect back on our favorite moments in Chile, our top recommendations and most importantly: the differences in Chilean and Argentinian meat prep methods. Maggie does a technical corner. Adam has a self care pillow fort. We launch a Patreon!

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43: Little Ideas, Big Projects

Adam and Maggie are on the Carretera Austral, Chile's most scenic highway. We talk injuries and inspiration and the dampness that trees bring. Adam gets a little idea that turns into a big project. Maggie finds a new love in wood-burning stoves.

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42: Maggie's Not a Happy Camper

Adam and Maggie are heading north, which means treading on old ground. We talk snow, rental equipment, how we decide between camping and hotels, and of course: meat. Adam's gets into a salami argument. Maggie goes on her first-ever trek in El Chalten. Even Adam gets cold. Pro-tip: Don't ever buy the pineapple orange chicken flavor of backpacking food from Alpine Aire. 

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Show Notes

41: We Return and Then Return

Maggie and Adam head to LA for a week with family. We talk drone drama, couples' conflicts and the many questions we got while we were home. Adam falls in love with Maggie's sister's fiance's meat smoker. Maggie reflects on LA's bizarrely effortful fashion scene. Most importantly: thank you to all for the kind wishes for Maggie's grandmother-- she is doing better, and is much more comfortable than she was. 


Show Notes

40: End of the World

But not the end of the adventure. Maggie and Adam reach the southernmost drivable road in South America. We talk the about our decision making around choosing a 4Runner for the trip, as well as our plans for the future. Maggie meets some penguins. Adam worries about the rooftop tent in the face of some truly tremendous winds. This is an adventure.


38: Gone With the Wind

Adam and Maggie battle apocalyptic winds in an effort to save the rooftop tent. Adam shares his thoughts on misanthropy, and a perverted brush with nature. Maggie is doused in gasoline. Secret compartments are revealed and Patagonia is reached.


37: We Smuggle Meat

Adam and Maggie set a crazy fast course through Chile in order to get to Patagonia on time. After making friends in Santiago, we visit a country estate in Isla Negra, drive through Valparaiso and spend some time at Pablo Neruda's house. Adam hides meat in strange places at the Chilean-Argentine border. Maggie throws her neck out. We introduce a new segment: Adam's Meat Counter.


36: Shadow Gets Her Groove Back

Adam and Maggie get all their adventure juices back after visiting the Salar de Uyuni and driving the Lagunas Route. We talk Bolivia as a whole, the relative colors of flamingos, gas mileage and some tough, but rewarding camping. Maggie finds her favorite lake in the whole world. Adam has a "garage sale."